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Application Acceptance Policy

Thank you for your interest in Assets and Investments Management, LLC for your housing needs. The following is an overview of factors considered when evaluating your application for approval. Please make sure you read and understand the requirements before you apply, as all application fees are non-refundable. Applications are processed in the order they are received. Applications are not considered received until they are completed in full and the application fee has been paid.


Every person over the age of 18 that will occupy the property must complete and sign an application, as well as provide a valid photo ID. The application fee per adult that is 18 years or older is $65.00, City of Boise $30.  Your application will not be processed until the payment is received. All application fees are non-refundable.


At least 12 months with the same employer or income source, or combined current/previous employment in the same job field is required. Applicants with a combined 12 months of consecutive employment in different job fields may qualify with an increased deposit.


Each applicant (or married couple) must make a gross monthly income of at least 2 times the monthly rent. Current paystubs or official documentation of income must be provided (i.e. tax records, Social Security Income, retirement, etc.). Unverifiable income will not be considered. An applicant with weak or non-existent income may be considered with a qualified co-signer. Co-signers must make a gross monthly income of at least 3 times the monthly rent.

Rental History

At least 12 months of verifiable rental history or homeownership is required. An application will be immediately denied for any of the following occurances: 1) an outstanding balance with a prior Landlord, 2) an eviction or judgment from a prior Landlord, or 3) a “would not re-rent” reference from a prior Landlord. Applicants with less than 12 months rental history or rental history solely from family and/or friends may be considered with a qualified co-signer.

Criminal Background

An application will be denied as a result of a criminal conviction within the last 10 years, including but not limited to the following charges: 1) sex crimes, 2) drug or drug related crimes, 3) crimes against another person or property, 4) crimes involving a firearm, 5) fraud, 6) theft, or 7) battery. If you have a conviction that you are unsure of, please explain the circumstances prior to submitting an application.


A credit report will be obtained in considering your application. Approval is not score based. The report is evaluated as an indicator of an applicant’s ability and willingness to meet financial obligations. If you have questions about items contained in your credit report, please discuss your concerns prior to paying the non-refundable application fee.


A completed application, including application fee, must be received from an individual willing to co-sign. The co-signer must qualify in each area, without exception, and reside in the state of Idaho. The primary applicant’s completed application must first be run before the option to qualify with a co-signer will be given. A co-signer must understand that they will be fully liable for any and all unpaid charges and/or damages in the event the tenant does not pay.

Security Deposit

All security deposits, including pet deposits, must be paid in full prior to taking possession of the property. Pet deposits and fees (for approved pets) are $400.00 per pet. An approved applicant may hold a property on deposit for up to 2 weeks. Any deposit paid by an approved applicant to hold a property is non-refundable, if the applicant chooses not to move in to the property. A deposit must be received within 2 days of application approval or other applications will continue to be accepted.

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