Silvercreek Realty Group


Congratulations on taking the first step towards homeownership. We are privileged to be the Realtor Team of your choice. We hope that you’ll find the following information helpful and hope that it will be useful in the process of buying your Home.

Select Your Realtor Wisely!

1) Qualification : Has the agent invested in specialized education or ongoing training to work with Homebuyers?
2) Expertise : How many homes does the Agent sell in your price range?
3) Availability : Is the Agent working full time or part time?
4) Knowledge : Does the Agent know where to find properties that have built in equity?

Nobody Does A Better Job- HelpUOwnTeam

1) Dedication : Any Agent can show you houses, but we find you the Right Home!
2) Diligence : Due diligence that goes beyond the minimum required!
3) Reliability : Our information is backed by our experience and knowledge!
4) Resources : Problems? No problem- We love challenges!
5) Peace Of Mind : Why not hire a professional especially when professional services are FREE? You have a life to live – Real Estate is our Life!

Before We Find Your Dream Home....

1) Obtain Your Credit Report : Are their any blemishes on your credit report that shouldn’t be there?
2) Get Pre-Qualified : Know how much you can afford and qualify for. Understand the terms of the loan, study associated cost and shop for best rate.
3) Pick The Area of Your Choice : Narrow down the possible neighborhoods and areas for your future home.
4) Make The Decision : Decide that this is the best time for you to invest in your first or new home.

The Traps & How To Avoid Them…..

1) Open Houses & Real Estate Advertisements : Let the Seller’s Agent know that you have your own dedicated agent.
2) Buyer Bonus : “ I’ll give you $$$$... call me! Just say “ NO THANKS!” Quality agents don’t have to use “bait” to “lure you in”!
3) Owner Carry or Lease To Purchase : Most likely such offers are nothing more than “ Rentals with a twist”- Just pass on such “opportunities”
4) Builder's Model Homes : Don’t limit your choices to only one “ Quality” builder. Allow us to show you workmanship of all reputable builders before you make your decision.


Terms That You Should Understand !

1) Earnest Money : Monetary consideration that accompanies any offer to purchase Real Estate.
2) Escrow Phase :  Time period that your contract/agreement with seller is pending to close.
3) Home Inspection : Property inspection done by a professional typically hired by the buyer of the property.
4) Agency : Scope of relationship that you have with your Realtor.
5) Appraisal : Real and market value of the property as established by a licensed Appraiser hired by your lending institution.
6) Underwriting : Process done by your lending institution that finally approves or rejects your loan.


5 Steps Towards Buying A Home

1) Needs & Wants : Meet with us and discuss criteria of your dream home. Knowing the difference between a “need” and “want”.
2) Property Tours : We’ll show you properties that best match your criteria.
3) Selection : Choose a property that best suits your needs and makes most financial sense.
4) Offer to Purchase : We’ll prepare on your behalf an offer that protects your rights and gets you the best possible price.
5) Acceptance : Congratulations, we are now only days away from closing escrow.