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Real Estate Assets Management Service in Boise Metro Area
Assets & Investments Management Services, LLC is a full service assets and property management company. Our services include all traditional property management services for Single & Multifamily Homes, Apartments and HOA's. in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Caldwell, Idaho.

Choosing the right Management Company is your first line of defense, not only to protect your investment, but to run the operation smoothly in a cost effective way to maximize your profit. We have a unique set of services designed to achieve the above results starting with a complimentary analysis for prospective clients before they commit to owning a property.
Owner Management Services Include:
Tenant Screening: Screening prospective Tenants at no cost to the owner (check credit & rental history, bankruptcy, judgments, eviction, criminal record, employment verification).

Property Showing: Our Leasing Manager will personally show your property to prospective tenants.

Rent Rate and Market: With hundreds of homes under management we know the market. We educate the owner and set the rent with the owner's consultation.

Lease Expiration or Renewal: Residents are contacted to explore renewal terms. If a lease is not renewed, the planning for re-rental begins. Our lease requires tenants to allow us to show the home during last 30 days of tenancy.
Tenant Must Pay Deposit: No Exception, all tenants pay a deposit prior to move-in. Deposit amount is set with the owner’s consultation.
Signage in the community: With hundreds of homes in management, rental signs and directional signs are placed on properties 30 days before homes are vacant. People are directed to properties that meet their needs, so the person renting your home will likely come from a sign on another home.
Intra and inter referrals: We get prospective tenants directed to us from other real estate offices throughout the community.
Retention of good tenants: We target tenants with good history and accommodate their needs by moving to our properties that meet their needs.
Maintenance Services
We fully recognize that each dollar spent on maintenance reduces immediate owner's income. The following capabilities are employed in this regard.
All repairs are evaluated to see if the damage is caused by the tenant or by long term wear and tear. The cost of tenant caused maintenance issues is charged back to the tenant. All costs over $150 must be authorized by the owner in writing.

We check: Our contractors are skilled maintenance personnel who are licensed, bonded and insured. Most of them are owner run businesses that provide quality service at a competitive price.

We talk the tenant through maintenance issues on the phone, such as trying the reset button on the garbage disposal, before issuing a work order for repair.
Competitive pricing and quality services are the key factors in being chosen as an outsider vendor. Community based vendors appreciate the ongoing business that can come from hundreds of managed homes and understand that every job is an opportunity to prove they want continued business. Owners receive the repair invoices on a monthly basis. We recommend bidding out all expensive jobs and will help you to do that. Sometimes owners have their own trusted vendors that they want to use for repairs. We welcome that.
Financial statements and Owner's Web Access
We bring owners real time access to their accounts through a cash basis computerized online system which is available 24/7.Owners can generate the following Reports:

1) Owner Statement
2) Market rent Analysis
3) Profit & Loss
4) Rent Roll
5) Unit Profit & Loss
6) Profit & Loss Comparison

Owners also have online access to our database where they can see scanned vendors’ bills associated with work orders on their properties.

Inspections: Detailed move out inspection with pictures.
Drive by inspection with pictures.
Detailed annual inspection with written report and pictures.
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